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Google Shopping - Comparison Shopping Services (CSS)

Save 20% of your costs with the CSS price comparison portal

Your benefits at a glance:

  •  You save the 20% margin of your advertising budget that otherwise goes to Google
  •  You benefit from click prices that are up to 20% lower
  •  Your ad gets more visibility and reaches more customers
  •  No hassle during the switchover (oder “changeover”); everything stays the same for you
  •  Exclusive participation in Google Betas due to CSS Premium Partner status

More reach and lower costs for your Shopping ads

With us as a CSS partner, you save the Google margin and reach more customers

What is CSS?

CSS (short for Comparison Shopping Service) is a price comparison portal which your products are listed on. With 812 retailers and over 50 million products, Smarketer.Shopping is one of the largest price comparison portals in Europe. Google Shopping is also such a platform and charges a service fee of 20% per click price.

Your advantage with CSS Partner Smarketer.Shopping

With Smarketer, this margin does not apply. Your products appear on Google Shopping, in Google Search, and also in the large price comparison portal from Smarketer.

This is how switching over to CSS works for you

Switching over to our CSS portal is easy. Instead of having your Merchant Center (MC) with/under Google, we transfer it to a Multiple Merchant Center (MMC) from Smarketer.Shopping. Aside from the increased performance of your shopping ads, nothing will change for you.

For you, this means: You save the Google margin, which means that your bids are automatically worth 20% more, and you benefit directly from a better placement in Google Shopping.

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Ad presence is doubled

Combine the shopping services of Smarketer and Google Shopping


Place two Shopping ads at the same time

To further increase ad presence, there is the so-called “double listing”. This is an option if, in addition to your Merchant Center, you continue to run your existing Merchant Center via Google Shopping with us as a CSS partner. This way, both Merchant Centers can place your ads at the same time. To prevent your ads from competing with each other, a user will never see the same ad twice in a search. Our Smarketer CSS specialists look forward to discussing the best strategy for your company with you.


Optimize your performance with us

This is how the Google Shopping campaigns developed with us as a Google CSS partner


More impressions & reach with Smarketer Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs)

With increased budget efficiency, you can position yourself much better in the market and increase your reach in the process. Based on empirical values, you can increase your impressions by up to 70% and thus also claim an increased market share.


More clicks with Smarketer as a CSS partner

By eliminating the commission, you can now buy clicks with 100% of your ad spend and thus increase the current volume by up to 20%. Your click prices no longer have a commission component, which helps you improve your click counts in the long term.


Lower click prices for better cost efficiency

By using a CSS partner like Smarketer, the Google margin of up to 20% on the CPC is eliminated, which makes your bids significantly more efficient.

Frequently asked questions

Do you need more information about Google Shopping CSS partners? Use our Google Shopping CSS FAQ!

  • Who is the Shopping CSS intended for?

    All e-commerce retailers who use Google Shopping should take advantage of the benefits of CSS. It doesn’t matter what budget you use. CSS is worth it for retailers of all sizes thanks to the elimination of the Google margin. Our price structure is designed in such a way that you, the retailer, get the maximum effect from the benefits of CSS regardless of budget size.

  • Which countries can use CSS shopping ads?

    Google Shopping ads via a CSS partner are currently available for all of Europe in the following countries: Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Hungary, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

  • Why should you choose Smarketer as a CSS partner?

    The comparison portal from Smarketer is a free and independent CSS partner for retailers and smaller agencies. Thanks to our many years of experience as a Google advertising agency, we have solid expertise in setting up and optimizing shopping campaigns in all industries. More than 80 account managers specialize in various industries and develop sustainable growth strategies. Smarketer.Shopping supports you in optimizing campaigns and their feeds and offers you all-around premium support.

  • What happens to my ads when we switch over to CSS?

    Your ads will continue to run as they did before. The only two differences are the elimination of the Google margin and the addition of “by Smarketer” under the product image instead of “by Google” like before

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Good online marketing is essential for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) these days. The consumer performs research using Google Search (Google AdWords) before buying a product or using a service. With Google Ads for your SME, you can ensure that your products or services can be found instantly by potential customers.

As a Google Premium Partner and Google Ads agency, Smarketer is the perfect partner for your Google online marketing. Drawing on our many years of experience, we create specially tailored ads on Google for your products or services. This is how the right customers reach your company website. With us, you can get started on Google Search with a small budget. You are in full control of the costs.

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