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Hardly any advertising strategy is as effective as Google Ads, because your ads always appear exactly when your customers are looking for you. With an optimal text ad in Google AdWords, you will appear at the top of Google Search. All you need for a good ad is:

  • a relevant title with appropriate keywords
  • a convincing ad text
  • a suitable target URL for your website

Google AdWords offers many more advertising options for every industry and type of business. Use our broad industry knowledge for your success.

Numbers per click: Google PPC (Pay-per-Click)

You determine how much your Google advertising costs. Thanks to the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) billing model, you only pay when a user clicks on your ad. The more you invest, the more clicks – i.e. enquiries or customers – you get. This is how you scale your business properly!

You bid on the terms your customers are searching for: Keywords. The wishes and needs of your target group are condensed in these search terms. They are the foundation for effective Google Ads management.

The structure of a text ad in Google AdWords

The 3 elements of a Google search network ad


The ad title

The title of a text ad on Google immediately catches the eye of users. With up to 30 characters per ad title, you can address your potential customers with a total of 3 possible ad titles. We optimise your ad titles with relevant and strong keywords, as well as call-to-actions that turn interested users into your customers.


Display URL

With the help of the displayed URL of your text ad, you give the user a clear idea of the website behind the ad. Depending on the product or service, we adapt the optional path of your URL so that it matches your offer exactly.


Ad text

In the text lines of your ad, directly below the ad title and the displayed URL, you have the chance to further convince the user of your offer. Thanks to our long-term experience in many industries with Google Ads, we know the right mix of appealing descriptions and call-to-actions.

How Google AdWords works

Are you looking for an effective advertising channel for your online marketing? With Google Ads, you can reach your users when they are looking for you.

In our video we explain how Google Ads work in Google Search.

Start your Google Ads strategy with us now

Our Google AdWords experts will work with you to analyse the potential that search engine marketing with Google Ads offers for your business. Do you already have an account? Then take advantage of the free audit of your Google Ads account.

Ad extensions for Google AdWords

Offer your customers more ways to reach you

Call extensions

Connected directly with just one click

With the help of the caller extension, you can have your phone number displayed directly under your Google text ad in the search network. With just one click, potential customers can reach you immediately by phone. This extension is particularly effective on mobile devices such as smartphones.


Location extensions

The guide for your customers

Do you have a local shop and want more visitors? No problem – with the Google Ads location extension. With the help of this ad extension for Google search ads, your address will appear directly below your ad. When clicking on the location, the route to your shop is immediately indicated.


Sitelink extensions

Instantly show the appropriate category of your website

Imagine you are a sofa retailer and a potential customer enters the search term “sofa” into Google Search. But which sofa exactly is your customer looking for? With Google Ads sitelink extensions, you can place up to 4 different sitelinks directly under your ad that match the user’s search intent. For a sofa retailer, for example, this would be the categories “sofa bed” or “corner sofa”. We customise the title and description for you and lead your customers directly to the appropriate product page.


Dynamic Sitelink Extensions

Take advantage of AdWords' A.I.-based algorithms

With these ad extensions automatically selected by Google’s algorithm, you don’t have to add your own sitelink extensions. Instead, the conversion-focused sections or landing pages of your website are selected to match the user’s search query. Google also selects the title and description of the extension for this purpose. Depending on your strategy, a dynamic sitelink extension can make a lot of sense – our AdWords specialists will be happy to advise you on this.


Extensions with additional information (callout extensions)

Beneficial communication for your target group

Do you have special customer benefits, promotions or service offers? Then these ad extensions are just the thing for your Google search ads. Additional information such as “free shipping” or “24-hour customer service” can be displayed directly under your ad text and convince your potential customers. Depending on the information, it is worth creating the extension at campaign or ad group level. Your Smarketer Ads expert knows the best strategy for your business.


App extensions

The direct line to your app

If you want to promote your app with text ads in Google Search, the app extension is an effective strategy. With this ad extension, you present the user with not only a link to your website, but also a direct link to download your app. Do you want to reach your users on other Google platforms? Then take a look at the UAC (Universal App Campaigns).


Price extensions

Stand out with individual price offers

Present your products or services even more attractively in the search results by using price extensions. With price extensions, you can highlight specific offers that will take users directly from Google Search to the relevant product page. Google Ads price extensions are displayed as tiles on the desktop and can be discovered by your users as a carousel. The mobile view of the ad extension is displayed as a dropdown menu. As with all ad extensions, you only pay for the ad when the user actually comes to your site.


Offer extensions

The perfect offer for many occasions

Whether it’s a summer sale, a Black Friday promotion or a Christmas sale – with offer extensions for your Google Ads text ads, you can arouse your customers’ interest on special occasions. The extension appears directly under your ad text with the desired discount on your products or services. You determine the duration of your offer yourself – in addition, you can set coupons or discount codes that can be used to apply the discount in the first place. Your Smarketer Google Ads specialist will be happy to set up the offer extensions for you.


Ad extensions with seller ratings

Show your customers' satisfaction

Good ratings and reviews are very valuable for online shops and service providers – with this ad extension you can present your star ratings directly in Google Search. Your Smarketer Growth Consultant will be happy to explain which criteria your company must fulfill in order to use this ad extension.


Snippet extensions

Give your AdWords the finishing touches

Use categories to select additional information to be displayed in your ad. For example, you can immediately put your most attractive product groups or services in the foreground. With dynamic snippet extensions, the Google algorithm selects from the categories on your website if the user’s search intention matches them.


Dynamic and Responsive Ad Types

Use the A.I.-based algorithms of Google Ads

Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)

Compared to text ads in standard campaigns, dynamic search ads (DSA) are not based on keywords. Instead, the Google algorithm analyses your website and selects the appropriate subpage of your shop for the user’s search query in defined areas.
In a dynamic search ad, you only need to define 2 ad texts that match the respective ad group – the ad title and the displayed URL are selected automatically. Learn more about the advantages of DSA campaigns and how we use A.I.-based ads for your success!


Responsive Search Ads (RSA)

Responsive search ads (RSA) are text ads that select the appropriate combination from a previously created selection of display elements. In contrast to the dynamic search ad (DSA), the ad title, displayed URL and ad text can be defined in advance. Depending on the search term and the user’s search intention, Google selects the appropriate elements and uses them for your text ad. In this way, you retain control over the creative part of your ad, while Google takes care of the appropriate relevance. Read more about the advantages of an RSA campaign and how Smarketer uses it for your success.


Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA)

Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) are an effective means of determining the target group for your search campaigns. With remarketing – or retargeting – you bring interested users back to your website. This includes visitors to your website, people who have abandoned the purchase process, or who have viewed certain products or services. This way you ensure that the users who see your ads are also interested in your offers. Learn more about remarketing.

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Nutzen Sie die größte Suchmaschine der Welt für Ihren Unternehmenserfolg! Mit Anzeigen in der Google Suche erreichen Sie Menschen genau dann, wenn sie nach Themen und Angeboten wie Ihren suchen. Einfacher und zielgerichteter geht’s kaum! Als Google AdWords Agentur helfen wir Ihnen gerne."
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