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Ecosia Advertising

Your ads on the world's most sustainable search engine

The search engine Ecosia offers you a unique opportunity to reach a particularly environmentally conscious target group. Because the profits from Ecosia are used to plant trees. As a Microsoft Advertising Search Network Partner, you can easily advertise on Ecosia via your Bing Ads account.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Reach very specific target groups
  • Benefit already from increasing user numbers on Ecosia
  • Help Ecosia to plant trees
  • Little effort thanks to Microsoft Advertising’s Search Partner Network

Advertising on Ecosia means advertising sustainably

Appeal to an environmentally conscious target group

Ecosia Search Ads

Your text ads in Ecosia search appear at the top of the search results exactly when your target group is looking for your services or products. Based on the keywords you have entered for your ads in your Bing Ads account, the search engine’s algorithm recognises whether your ad matches the user’s search query.

With just one click, you can add Ecosia ads to your usual Bing Ads – because Ecosia is a Search Network Partner of Microsoft Advertising.

Reach an environmentally conscious target group on Ecosia

On the green search engine, you mostly find users who care about the environment. Because every search query supports projects for planting trees all over the world, on the side and free of charge.

The profits from your advertising budget are also mainly used for environmental projects. Thus, your advertising is not only to your advantage, but also supports the protection of the environment.






How Ecosia’s environmental projects work

Search the internet and plant trees at the same time

Plant trees with ecosia


Ecosia uses the earnings it receives from advertisements to plant trees all over the world.

Ecosia describes itself as a social business, i.e. a company that uses its own profits for charitable purposes. Founder Christian Kroll decided to start Ecosia in 2009 after travelling the world and learning more about the effects of deforestation all over the world.

In the meantime, the over 15 million users on Ecosia have helped to plant over 100 million trees. Among other things, the green search engine supports tree planting projects in Africa, South America, but also in Asia, exactly where so-called biodiversity hotspots have emerged. These are areas that have already been heavily destroyed or whose native plant and animal species are threatened.

Adam  B. - Teamlead Operations Microsoft Advertising
Harness Ecosia's unique eco-conscious audience to grow your e-commerce footprint with sustainable visibility and impactful conversion opportunities."
Adam B., Teamlead Operations Microsoft Advertising, Smarketer

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