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Google Analytics

Analyse your website data with Google Analytics and learn more about your customers

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Your advantages at a glance:

  • Free data center for your website
  • Get to know your visitors better with detailed analyses
  • Discover the most popular pages on your website
  • Uncover potential for your growth

Free data center for your website

Analyse your target group and identify your own potentials

Google Analytics bundles data about your target group, your website and your sales channels in just one tool. With the analysis tool’s evaluation options, you can go from the “big picture” to deep detail.

Which pages are visited particularly often on your website? Who exactly are your website visitors, what age are they and do they tend to use desktop PCs or smartphones? With Google Analytics, you get to know your target group on a completely different level than is otherwise possible and uncover hidden potential for your website and your company. Google Analytics presents the data clearly and understandably, even with very detailed analyses.


Your advantages in detail:

Get the overview
Easily measure the performance of your website and get detailed insights into the user group visiting your website

Comprehensive data thanks to smart algorithms
Benefit from Google’s advanced machine learning algorithms that cleanly collect and prepare data for you

Develop your strategy on a solid data base
Use the data to adapt your marketing strategy precisely to your target group and to continuously optimize your website

Clear data preparation
Google Analytics provides you with clear data analyses that you can easily share with your team.

It’s the details that matter

Google Analytics’ detailed and customizable reports allow you to dig deep into the details and really get to know your audience.


Work in a team

Combine your insights with other Google solutions to increase efficiency

Google Ads
Get insights into how users who have previously clicked on your Google Ads behave

Data Studio
Use data from Google Analytics to create dashboards and analyze your data in Google Data Studio.

The combination of Google Optimize and Google Analytics allows you to quickly run different tests for your website on a single data set.

Get to know your target audience! With Google Analytics, you get detailed information about your target group, learn how prospects interact with your ads and how your customers behave on your website. Make your search marketing successes measurable with this powerful analytics tool.”

Daniel T., Teamlead IT, Smarketer

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