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Google Ads Remarketing

Bring interested users back to your website


Your advantages at a glance:

  • Customised ads for the wishes of potential customers
  • Stay in the memory of your website visitors with regular playout of your Google Ads on other websites
  • Guide hesitant and interested users back to your shop
  • Get customers to make a purchase decision with display or YouTube remarketing

How to make your Google Ads unforgettable

with meaningful ads and a clever remarketing strategy


Win back customers with remarketing campaigns

Whether online traders or service providers – everyone knows the problem that traffic is on the site, but no sales are generated. Often it is because a customer needs at least eight points of contact with the product or company to gain trust. And that’s where remarketing with Google Ads comes in. With appealing display ads or creative YouTube video ads, you can also reach your visitors on other websites. That’s how users get back to your website – and buy.

Win back seemingly lost customers with strategic skill. Lots of traffic. A lot of turnover.

Converting prospects into customers

Smarketer categorises and analyses user activity on your website to create ads that appeal to your future customers. Remarketing is a great way to build far more targeted marketing campaigns. Re-target users who have already been to your site and thus expressed interest, on other pages that your target customer visits, using differently designed ads.

Google Ads remarketing options

Standard remarketing for search network campaigns and display campaigns

With the help of remarketing, you can reach users who have already been on your website or used your app before.

This gives you the unique opportunity to convince precisely these users of your products with an individual approach.

For remarketing with Google Ads, remarketing lists are created in your campaigns. These lists contain the users who have interacted with your website in the defined period.

To make your ads even more personalised, you can, for example, define time periods into which the users can be divided. Whether after 7 days or 90 days – you define which period and which message will reach your customers best.

Classic remarketing is available for both search network campaigns and display campaigns. With us as your partner, we will be happy to coordinate the right remarketing strategy with you.


Dynamic remarketing

Dynamic remarketing goes one step further than classic remarketing

This option allows you to specifically target users who have viewed a particular product or website. This also includes shopping cart abandoners – i.e. users who were about to complete a purchase and did not finish it.

This opens up many new possibilities for you to advertise even more specifically and to adapt your advertisements to your customers. Often the desire to buy is already there – with dynamic remarketing you support your customers in their decision to buy. After all, with one click, the user goes directly to the product page and buys from you.

Dynamic remarketing is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to generate leads and conversions in your target group. We are happy to take over the technical implementation as well as the creation of a strategy and campaign for you as a customer.


Remarketing lists for search network ads

If visitors leave your website without buying anything or using your services, you can easily bring them back to your site with remarketing lists.
As soon as a user leaves your site, you can add them to a list using remarketing tags. The advantage: you know that these users are interested in your offers. This allows you to adjust your Google AdWords bids when they search for your products or services again and your ads appear at the top of Google Search at the right time.

With remarketing lists for search network ads, you have the option of creating a wide variety of target groups, for example by product category. This increases the relevance of your ads and your potential customers are directly addressed to their needs.


Remarketing on YouTube

Use the opportunity of video remarketing and play the appropriate video ad on YouTube to viewers who are already interested

A targeted advertising message directly on YouTube helps the user to make a purchase decision for your products or services.

As with search and display campaigns, these remarketing campaigns use the so-called remarketing lists. Use the enormous reach of YouTube to select users who have already watched your video or visited your channel. You also have the option of displaying advertising videos that correspond exactly with the user’s desire to buy.

We would be happy to consult you on the right remarketing strategy for your YouTube video ads. Do you still need the right video? We have a solution for that too: Smarketer Video.


Remarketing with the help of customer lists

Simply offer existing customers additional products or services that may be useful to them

Google Ads Remarketing offers the possibility to upload a customer list and play targeted ads to these users.

You can use various Google products for this, such as the search network, the Google display network or YouTube.

This type of remarketing with AdWords offers you the chance to specifically address the wishes and needs of your customers – without seeming intrusive.

Philipp  K. S. - Senior SEA Growth Consultant
Remarketing keeps you in the minds of your customers. With customized ads, you can address customers who still need a little help to make a decision. The intelligent Google technologies also provide forecasts for the purchasing potential of your prospective customers. As a Google Ads remarketing agency, we are happy to support you!"
Philipp K. S., Senior SEA Growth Consultant, Smarketer

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