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Google Performance Max

Maximize conversions and reach customers efficiently with Performance Max campaigns across all Google advertising channels

The new campaign type from Google Ads for maximum performance across channels.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • One campaign for the entire Google Ads network
  • More leads and online – and offline sales
  • Campaign goals in line with your business objectives
  • Target group-specific playout and addressing

What is Performance Max?

The smart format to reach your target goals even more efficiently

Performance Max is the new campaign type from Google Ads and allows you to access the entire Google Ads inventory with a single campaign: YouTube, Display Network, Search Network, Discover, Gmail and Maps.

Using asset groups, advertisers provide high-quality and diverse image, video, and text assets that Performance Max uses automation to create ads. Ideal for reaching even more potential customers.

Use Performance Max to provide additional information about your target audience, called audience signals, and significantly increase the conversion probability of your ads.

How does Performance Max work?

Target-based campaigns that reach the right customers in the right place, automatically and across channels.


Google Performance Max, the new format for maximizing your campaign performance, makes greater use of Google automation technologies, including bidding, budget optimization, targeting, creatives, and attribution.

Crucial elements for the best possible campaign performance are your specific advertising goal, such as your CPA or ROAS target, as well as the creative assets, audience signals, and optional data feeds you provide.

Overall campaign management is simplified and ads are customized by sharing assets and creatives in performance-optimized ways.

Smarketer Performance Max Channels

The Performance Max agency with your business goal in mind.

Smarketer shows you how to reach customers across the Google Ads network and maximize performance with Performance Max.

The new Google Ads Performance Max strategy makes it possible to play out an overarching campaign for your business objective. Performance Max Ads are played out across multiple Google channels, so that customers are reached everywhere and thus the potential to generate a conversion is used to its full potential. 

Ads can be optimized accordingly and ROI increased. Learn from Smarketer, your Google Performance Max agency, how to target your campaign in the best possible way

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