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Microsoft Advertising vs. Google Ads

In our succinct comparison of Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising, we highlight key distinctions between these top digital advertising platforms. Focusing on their reach, cost-efficiency, targeting precision, and optimization tools, we aim to provide businesses with clear insights to choose the platform that best matches their advertising objectives and budgetary considerations.

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Microsoft Advertising Features that are included with Microsoft Advertising
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Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) taps into a high-quality network, including Bing, Yahoo, and partners. A key advantage is its connection to an affluent audience, making it ideal for niche markets or B2B solutions. Bing users, older with higher incomes, offer lower CPC and higher conversion rates. Google Ads dominates search advertising with extensive reach and targeting options but faces higher competition and click prices.

Microsoft Advertising targets a powerful, decision-making audience, valuable for advertisers seeking higher ROI. It provides exclusive access to demographics less reachable through Google, crucial for strategic marketing campaigns. While Google offers broad reach, Microsoft Advertising excels in targeted engagement and cost-effective options.


Microsoft Advertising Features:

  • Operates across a high-quality network including Bing, Yahoo, and partners.
  • Connects to an affluent audience, making it ideal for niche markets or B2B solutions.
  • Attracts older users with higher incomes, leading to lower CPC and higher conversion rates.
  • Targets a powerful, decision-making audience for higher ROI.
  • Provides exclusive access to demographics less reachable through Google, vital for strategic marketing.

Google Ads Advantages:

  • Dominates search advertising with its extensive reach and diverse targeting options.
  • Faces higher competition and click prices.
  • Offers broad reach, beneficial for wide-ranging marketing strategies.
  • While Google excels in reach, Microsoft Advertising is known for targeted engagement and cost-effective options.



Microsoft Advertising, encompassing Shopping ads on Bing, the Microsoft Audience Network, and partner sites, targets engagement across multiple touchpoints. It offers advertisers a decision-ready audience with higher purchasing power, leading to higher conversion rates and ROI. In contrast, Google Shopping, with its vast user base and integration into Google Search, Images, and Assistant, provides extensive reach and detailed product promotion. However, its competitive environment may affect ad visibility and cost-per-click.

Microsoft Advertising and Google Shopping each offer distinctive advantages in their approach to online shopping ad placements.


Microsoft Advertising Highlights:

  • Integrates Shopping ads within Bing search, the Microsoft Audience Network, and partner sites.
  • Provides targeted engagement across various touchpoints.
  • Known for offering access to a decision-ready audience with higher purchasing power.
  • Audience characterized by informed and purposeful shopping decisions.
  • Often results in higher conversion rates and ROI due to a quality-oriented environment.

Google Shopping Features:

  • Boasts an extensive user base and is integrated into Google search, Images, and Assistant.
  • Offers massive reach and detailed product promotion.
  • Operates in a highly competitive environment.
  • Ad visibility and cost-per-click may be impacted due to the competitive nature.



Microsoft Advertising and Google offer robust video ad solutions with distinct strengths. Microsoft excels in diverse placements on Netflix, CTV, and MSAN Video, ensuring quality and targeted engagement. This approach appeals to advertisers valuing high-quality environments.

In contrast, Google’s YouTube offers extensive reach but in a competitive market. Microsoft’s integrative approach, spanning various formats and platforms, provides a compelling alternative or complement to YouTube.


Microsoft Advertising Features:

  • Offers video ad placements across various platforms including Netflix, Connected TV (CTV), and Microsoft Audience Network (MSAN) Video.
  • Enables reaching a broad audience, from entertainment seekers on Netflix to Connected TV users.
  • Notable for high-quality ad environments, particularly on premium platforms like Netflix.
  • MSAN Video focuses on targeted audience engagement, allowing for precise ad placement in relevant contexts.

Google’s YouTube Advantages:

  • Recognized for its extensive and popular platform, ideal for video ads.
  • Provides unparalleled reach across various demographics.
  • Positioned in a large, diverse market, creating competition for user attention.

Microsoft’s Integrative Approach:

  • Facilitates seamless ad placement across multiple video formats and platforms.
  • Complements Google’s YouTube offerings, adding diversity and reach in video advertising.

LinkedIn Targeting


Elevate your B2B outreach with Smarketer’s expertise in precise LinkedIn Targeting within the Microsoft realm. Reach decision-makers through tailored campaigns based on industry, company size, job titles, skills, and experience. “Matched Audiences” re-engage existing contacts or interested prospects.

Benefit from LinkedIn’s high-quality, regularly updated user data for maximum relevance. Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Advertising for streamlined cross-platform campaigns and impactful results.


Key Features of LinkedIn Targeting:

  • Targets LinkedIn’s professional user base, consisting of business professionals and decision-makers.
  • Ideal for B2B marketing efforts due to its focused audience.
  • Enables advertisers to tailor campaigns based on specific criteria like industries, company sizes, job titles, skills, and professional experience.
  • Ensures highly accurate targeting, leading to increased relevance and engagement.
  • “Matched Audiences” feature allows for re-engagement with existing contacts or those showing interest in products/services.
  • Benefits from LinkedIn’s high-quality and current user data, which is regularly updated by users.
  • Integration with Microsoft Advertising facilitates seamless campaigns across different platforms.
  • Simplifies reporting and enhances overall campaign efficiency.

Microsoft Multimedia Ads (MMA)


Microsoft’s Multimedia Ads (MMA) offer a dynamic blend of text, images, and videos, creating an engaging user experience. These ads boost interaction and visibility, standing out compared to traditional text ads. With design flexibility, advertisers can align ads with their brand identity. Multimedia Ads enable targeted advertising, optimizing message relevance based on location, behavior, and demographics. Measurable results, tracked through metrics, ensure ROI monitoring and strategy adjustments. Integrated into the Microsoft ecosystem, MMA ensures comprehensive reach across platforms and devices.

  • Combines text, images, and videos to create compelling user experiences.
  • Boosts user engagement and fosters a deeper connection with the brand.
  • Offers enhanced visibility over traditional text ads, significantly increasing brand awareness.
  • Provides advertisers with design flexibility to create custom ads that align with their brand identity.
  • Enables targeted advertising based on location, search behavior, and demographics for maximized message relevance.
  • Delivers measurable results, tracked through metrics like click-through rates and conversions.
  • Helps advertisers monitor ROI and adjust strategies accordingly.
  • Integrated into the Microsoft ecosystem, ensuring comprehensive reach across platforms and devices.
Adam  B. - Teamlead Operations Microsoft Advertising
Choose Microsoft Advertising for cost-effective access to a unique audience not reached by Google Ads, maximizing ROI with less competition."
Adam B., Teamlead Operations Microsoft Advertising, Smarketer

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