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Google Tag Manager

Manage multiple interactions on your website with Google Tag Manager

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Capture customizable interactions on your website
  • Manage multiple tools centrally in one place
  • Simplify the implementation of Google Analytics and other analytics tools
  • Edit all your tags without programming knowledge

Manage your tags in one place

Google Tag Manager makes it easier for marketing teams to work with web analytics tools

The integration of Google Analytics, conversion tracking, A/B testing tools or remarketing tags often make your own website code untidy and error-prone. With Google Tag Manager, you get a tool that controls all tools with a single tag – centralised and straightforward.

A tag is a code snippet that only needs to be integrated once into your website by the Google Tag Manager. In the interface of the Google Tag Manager, you can then insert all further codes into this tag, for example for remarketing or conversion tracking with Google Ads. The insertion of new web analysis tools or website tools is thus simplified and made clearer. The effort for IT is thus enormously reduced and all changes can be tested beforehand in the Google Tag Manager.


Your advantages in detail:

Individually applicable for your purposes
Easily add your own codes to your tag: Google Ads conversion tracking, Google Analytics, A/B testing tools or remarketing tools

Centrally and clearly bundled
Link codes from third-party providers, such as the Facebook Pixel or website analysis tools, without any problems

Check beforehand without risk if everything works
The Google Tag Manager provides you with an error check, and other security features. So you can check if your tag is working properly before you add it to the website.

Smarketer uses Google Tag Manager to easily connect Google marketing tools like Google Ads or Google Analytics to your website. By adding only one code snippet to your website, you will have a more stable and flexible website. Of course we will support you with the insertion of the tag manager.

How does Google Tag Manager work?

To use useful tools like Google Analytics, Google Ads Remarketing Tags or third-party tools, you need many different code snippets, called tags. With each new tool, you would need to add a new code to your website. This is not only costly, but it can make your site more inflexible and error-prone. Google Tag Manager combines these codes into a single website tag – secure, flexible and stable.


Connect Google Ads and Google Analytics with Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager (GTM) allows you to add Google Ads conversion tracking or remarketing, as well as Google Analytics to your website with just one code snippet.

Google Ads Remarketing & Conversion Tracking
Conversion tracking as well as simple and dynamic remarketing are important Google Ads features that make your AdWords campaigns successful. Google Tag Manager opens up many different possibilities for individual campaign goals.

Google Analytics
Do you want to measure and track sales, clicks or page views? With Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, you can analyze your website down to the last detail. No matter what your goal is, GTM only requires a snippet of code on your website.

“The Google Tag Manager is a helpful tool to integrate many tools clearly and centrally managed on your website. Changes can be made easily without much programming effort.”

Maik L., Head of Product, Smarketer

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