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Google Display Ads

Reach 90% of internet users with display ads on over 2 million websites

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Increase your brand awareness and reach
  • Make potential customers want to buy your products
  • Use the vast Google Display Network to extend the reach of your Google Ads
  • Convince with advertising content as text, image, video or interactive ads

Win new customers with Google Display Marketing

Your AdWords campaigns with the reach of the Google Display Network (GDN)


How does the Google Display advertising network work?

Many thousands of website operators use Google AdSense and are thus part of the Google Display Network. Your display ads are published via the network – if the content or keywords of your ads match. This way, customers only ever see the display ads that are of interest to them.

For example, if you sell fashion products, your Google ads will be displayed preferentially on fashion websites or blogs. With our Google Display campaigns, your advertising reaches the right place!

The effect is enormous: your desired target group repeatedly sees your advertising, remembers your company and ultimately becomes your customers.

Your Google Ads on the best places

Whether text, image or video ads – in the Google Display Network we have unlimited possibilities to design your ad according to the product or service. It is important that your ad stands out from the others in order to attract the highest attention. This applies to the look, the content and the keyword strategy as well.

Benefit from the advantages of the Google Display Network. Smarketer knows how it works.


Remarketing with Google Display Ads

Stay in the memory of interested users! With remarketing in the display network, you reach users who have visited your website, viewed products or services, or abandoned purchase processes. These potential customers also see your image ads on websites that are in the Google Display Network (GDN). You decide which target group and at what intervals your ads should be played. Your Smarketer Growth Consultant will work with you to develop a remarketing strategy that will make your business memorable. Learn more about how Google Remarketing works here.

Start your remarketing strategy with us now.

Our Google Ads Display experts will work with you to analyse the potential that remarketing with Google Display Ads offers for your business. Do you already have an account? Then take advantage of the free audit of your Google Ads account.

Aiming at target groups and placements

Always reach the right customers, everywhere on the internet

How does the targeting of display campaigns work?

One of the most important functions in Google Ads Display Marketing is the targeting and selection of the playout locations, i.e. the placements of your ads. Because the display network is so large, with over 2 million websites, we target your websites to exactly the right audience for your business.

The AdWords interface offers a wide range of customisation options for where your ads are played on the Google Display Network and which users see your ad. You can even reach users who are about to make a purchase based on their search behaviour.

Discover the possibilities we can offer you with Google Ads Display campaigns.


Focus on target group keywords

With this targeting for display campaigns, you reach users who are directly searching for or interested in your product. You determine the keyword according to which the Google Ads algorithm selects the websites on which your advertising appears. The criterion: your desired keyword must appear on the page. This way you can be sure that you exactly match the search intention of your customers.


Targeting on similar audiences

Would you like to attract more users to your products who are like your existing customers? Thanks to the targeting of similar audiences, your display ads will preferentially see users who are interested in similar topics as your customers. For this purpose, Google considers, for example, websites visited, purchases made, search behaviour and other characteristics.


Focus on common interests

Are you explicitly looking for customers who are interested in a specific subject area? Focusing on common interests can open up a completely new customer target group for you in display marketing. You know which users feel particularly addressed by your ads – because who knows your product or service better than they do?


Select specific placements in the Google Display Network

Do you know where your customers are? Then select the placements, i.e. the places where your Google Display ad should appear. With selected placements, you can reach potential customers on a specific website. You can also select videos on YouTube as placements if they match your offer or your target group particularly likes to watch these clips. In other words, you address your customers exactly when they are looking for information about your product or service!


Focus on in-market audiences that are ready to buy

Convince users who are already in the mood to buy and are close to the goal – the purchase – in their customer journey. Thanks to smart algorithms, Google evaluates many different user signals and compares them with past buyers. The result: you reach a target group that is not only interested in your product or service, but only needs the final step to make a purchase decision. So with Google Display Ads targeted at in-market audiences, your ads are right where they need to be!


Focus on thematic areas

Your company should not be absent from a very specific topic? Then targeting by topic is the right choice for your Google Display Ads. Simply define a topic that the website, app or video should contain. Your ad will be played out exactly there and reach the right users. And it goes even more specific: if you don’t want to be associated with certain topics, simply exclude them in your Ads account.


Focus on demographic characteristics

By aiming your display ads according to demographic characteristics, you address exactly the target group that is most attractive to you. Target your ads by age group, gender or whether your customers are parents. Your Smarketer Google Ads expert knows the best strategies to convince your customer group.

Maik  L. - Director Product
As a Google Display Ads agency, we can work with you to measurably increase brand awareness and sales via the Google network. Google provides the most powerful machine learning algorithms to target advertising to the desired target group and their interests."
Maik L., Director Product, Smarketer

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