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Empower Your Advertising: Master Microsoft Ads with Tailored Expert Consulting

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Strategy aligned with your goals
  • Enhanced self-sufficiency
  • Optimized account performance
  • Informed decision-making

Elevate Your Microsoft Ads: Custom Consulting Services

Laying the Groundwork for Independent Campaign Mastery


Unlock Your Microsoft Ads Potential: Tailored Consulting Solutions

In our consulting service for Microsoft Ads accounts, we primarily focus on the establishment and structuring of your account, while the actual optimization of campaigns and keywords remains in your hands. Our tailored consulting package is designed according to your specific needs and provides you with the foundation for effective and independent campaign management.

From Analysis to Action: Tailoring Your Microsoft Ads Strategy

The process begins with a detailed analysis of your current needs and goals. Based on this, we develop a strategy for the setup of your Microsoft Ads account. This includes designing a clear account structure, creating campaigns and ad groups, and setting up basic settings crucial for the success of your advertising initiatives.


Equip Yourself with the Tools for Effective Campaign Management

Our focus is on providing you with a solid foundation on which you can effectively manage your own campaigns and keywords. We advise you on the best practices for account structure and give you insights into proven methods specifically suitable for Microsoft Ads.


Guidance Today for Your Tomorrow’s Advertising Success

While our consulting service provides you with the essential tools and knowledge for setting up your account, the ongoing optimization of your campaigns and keywords remains your responsibility. We ensure that you have the necessary understanding to manage and adapt your account independently and offer support with questions about account structuring and setup.

Adam  B. - Teamlead Operations Microsoft Advertising
Choose Microsoft Advertising for cost-effective access to a unique audience not reached by Google Ads, maximizing ROI with less competition."
Adam B., Teamlead Operations Microsoft Advertising, Smarketer

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Bing Shopping

Bing Shopping Logo

Present the products from your online shop as a shopping ad on Microsoft Bing. Thanks to images, text and other customer benefits, you will attract attention and with just one click, interested users will be taken directly to your product page.



The sustainable search engine Ecosia plants trees all over the world with the help of the advertising revenue. Target a particularly environmentally conscious audience with your ads by using Ecosia as your search network partner.



The search engine DuckDuckGo focuses on the issue of user privacy. With meanwhile one billion monthly search queries, DuckDuckGo is a worthwhile search network partner for your advertisements.

Yahoo! Search


The first popular search engine on the internet, Yahoo! is now a search network partner of Microsoft Advertising. Even today, many people use the search engine in their daily lives, especially in the USA. Your ad on Yahoo! Search is just a click away!

Microsoft Advertising


Reach even more customers with the Microsoft Advertising network. Run your ads on multiple search engines such as Bing, Ecosia, DuckDuckGo and Yahoo! Search with just one campaign setup and target your ideal audience.