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Microsoft Advertising Connected TV offers:

  • New target groups with precise messaging
  • Innovative advertising formats
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Ecosystem
  • Transparent, measurable results
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Boost your brand presence in the world of Smart Entertainment

In an era where innovative technologies shape consumer behavior, Microsoft Connected TV offers advertisers unparalleled opportunities to reach their target audiences. As an advanced platform that merges entertainment and productivity, Microsoft Connected TV presents a unique stage for your advertising messages.


What does Microsoft Connected TV offer to advertisers?

Microsoft Connected TV is more than just a conventional Smart TV. It’s a revolutionary platform offering a wide range of advertising possibilities. From interactive ad formats to targeted advertising campaigns, Microsoft Connected TV provides seamless integration of your brand into users’ daily lives.

Benefits for your Microsoft Advertising campaigns

Targeted Outreach

Utilize precise data and AI-powered analytics to effectively reach and engage your audience on Microsoft Connected TV.

Innovative advertising formats

Embrace interactive and creative ad formats that highlight your brand and increase viewer engagement.

Integration with Microsoft Ecosystem

Benefit from comprehensive integration with Microsoft services like Bing, Office 365, and LinkedIn to develop coherent and effective advertising strategies.

Measurable results

With extensive analytics tools, you can track the success of your campaigns in real-time and adjust your strategies accordingly.

Bring Your Microsoft Ads to Television


Why Choose Microsoft Connected TV for Your Brand?

Microsoft Connected TV is perfect for brands aiming to be visible in the digital landscape and engage with their target audiences on a more personal level. Whether it’s a local boutique seeking to reach its community or a global company wanting to expand its reach—Microsoft Connected TV provides the platform and tools needed to achieve your advertising goals.


New Advertising Opportunities with Microsoft Connected TV

Microsoft Connected TV opens new doors for advertisers to communicate effectively in an increasingly connected world. Enhance your brand visibility, engage your audience, and measure the success of your campaigns—all on an innovative platform. With Microsoft Connected TV, you’re investing in the future of advertising.

Adam  B. - Teamlead Operations Microsoft Advertising
Connect with audiences on a larger screen, where Microsoft Advertising on CTV offers a gateway to memorable, interactive ad experiences in a premium environment."
Adam B., Teamlead Operations Microsoft Advertising, Smarketer

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