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We answer the most important questions about Google for Jobs

Do you need more information about Smarketer.Jobs and Google for Jobs?
Use our Google for Jobs FAQ!

  • What is Google for Jobs?

    Google for Jobs is the integration of job postings from job portals and career websites directly on the Google search results page. Applicants can now easily view job offers in Google, instead of having to search through various websites.

  • Is there a commission I have to pay in case I employ someone via

    No, there is not. You can test for free using the Starter package or benefit from one of our further packages for which we charge a fair monthly fee. Nevertheless, there is no commission per job offer or application.

  • How do I get to the Google jobs?

    You get there automatically by using job relevant key therms in Google search, such as “marketing manager Bochum”.

  • Why is my job not showing?

    We transmit your jobs to Google and Google displays them on Google for Jobs. Usually, jobs appear on Google within a few minutes. But as the Google algorithm decides about the jobs that are shown, there unfortunately is no guarantee for all jobs being always displayed on Google for Jobs. Smarketer therefore additionally provides Google HR Ads in order to place advertised jobs. This way your jobs appear guaranteed and highly visible for your potential applicants.

  • Can I place advertised jobs?

    Yes, with Smarketer as your partner you can place advertised jobs in Google. Have a look at our Google HR Ads offer or call us and let us advise you.

  • Where can I find my jobs on Google?

    Using job relevant key words the search results page shows the Google for Jobs box right under the advertisements. Via click on “further jobs” applicants can view all the jobs on Google.

  • Can job seakers apply directly via Google?

    So far this is not yet possible. Job seakers can view all jobs in Google, however, the applications are submitted on the respective job portals or company websites that applicants can reach via attached links in the jobs overviews.

  • What are the advantages for job seakers?

    Google for Jobs allows job seakers to see all relevant jobs on one site without having to search through various job or career portals. Thanks to their personal Google login applicants can save jobs, aditionally they can subscribe for receiving suitable jobs via e-mail.

  • Why do my jobs have no views?

    You can review access, interactions and direct applications concerning posted jobs in your profile. Anyway, those numbers just relate to our smarketer.job portal. It is not yet possible to see the actual Google views, clicks etc. for your jobs. This means user probably have seen your jobs on Google for Jobs, they just did not visit the portal additionally which is why they remain invisible for us.

  • How many jobs can I publish?

    Within each package you can create as many jobs as you like, only the number of jobs that can be switched online at the same time differs. In the starter package you can publish up to 3 jobs at one time, in the basic package up to ten and in the pro package the number of published jobs is even unlimited.

  • Is there a template for the preparation of a job placement?

    You can easily create your job placements in your profile. For this you do not need any IT knowledge or web design skills. Just fill in the necessary data in the provided fields, click on “save & publish” and your job is already online.

  • Does my job placement remain free of charge?

    Yes, in case you are using our free starter package your job placement remains free of charge permanently. After the expiry of 30 days you can switch your job online again for free.There are no hidden costs and no automatic conversion into a subscription.

  • Can I refer to several jobs in one job placement?

    We do not recommend that, as Google needs a concrete job title and job description, etc. in order to find your job. If you mix several jobs, as a consequence Google may not even find your job placement at all. The additional work to place each job separately is worth it: you provide clarity and transparency for your applicants. Furthermore, you generate a higher range and therefore a faster staffing and last but not least an increased online presence and awareness of your company.

  • Can I limit my jobs regionally?

    Google automatically shows the jobs by regional relevance according to the place of work and the location of the user or the place a job seaker mentions in search. Regional limitation is only possible by the place of work that you fill in while creating your job placement on

  • Is it possible to automatically transfer applications to my application managment system?

    Unfortunaltey, this is not possible. Applications in our portal take place via e-mail.

  • Can I integrate images in my job placement?

    You can upload your company logo at This is advantageous for the findability of your jobs and of course also to convince job seakers.

  • Will my job placements be extended automatically?

    Your job placements automatically get extended by 30 days. You can deactivate or activate this function in your profile for each job.

  • Is it possible to automatically transfer applications to my application managment system?

    Unfortunaltey, this is not possible. Applications in our portal take place via e-mail.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    Just switch your current package to starter package and we will not charge any further payments anymore. Or you can send an e-mail to [email protected].

  • Can I edit my jobs even after having them published?

    Yes, in “job advertisements” you can edit your jobs as many times as you like.

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