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Finance, Insurance and Real Estate

The insurance, financial, and real estate sectors are evolving, driven by new technologies, heightened digital communication, and increasing competition. Digitization offers growth opportunities, especially through impactful Google Ads campaigns. These campaigns enable service providers to attract new clients and build lasting relationships by precisely targeting desired audiences. Our in-depth industry experience significantly enhances collaborative projects, contributing to our clients’ success.

Fashion & Beauty

Fashion and beauty trends are shaped by consumer preferences and vice versa, requiring companies to focus on product relevance and innovation. Online commerce, with its consumer-centric features like fast shipping and easy returns, is crucial in this sector. Google Ads help these companies expand their reach and attract new customers. Tailored Google Ads strategies are key to achieving revenue targets.

Craftsmanship & Business Services

Service providers in supply, construction, craftsmanship, and IT thrive in a stable domestic market, with a high demand for local services. Online visibility is key, as a significant revenue portion comes from e-commerce. Customized Google Ads strategies enhance their online presence, helping them reach new customers. Ad formats supporting both local and national trade aid in growing revenue and expanding their customer base.


Hobby & Leisure

The hobby and leisure industry, a consumer favorite, offers products for everyday use and special occasions like birthdays and Christmas. These products, crucial during challenging times, foster societal bonds. Online commerce, with its around-the-clock shopping, vast selection, and easy shipping, is a key ally. Google Ads enable companies to outshine competitors, enhance online visibility, forge new customer relationships, and boost sales. We’re here to assist in achieving your business objectives.

Furniture and Household

The furniture and household industry enjoys a stable market and loyal customers, consistently allocating part of their annual spending to these products. Rising online commerce user numbers and revenues offer growth opportunities. A robust online presence gives companies a competitive edge, anticipating future e-commerce growth. A personalized marketing strategy for Google and Microsoft Ads boosts revenue and customer acquisition.


Asbjörn  Rosenberg - Head of Customer Consulting
Our claim and our goal is that each of our clients is completely satisfied and develops optimally. We ensure this through competence and targeted measures. Thus, we create the foundation for a successful and long-term business relationship."
Asbjörn Rosenberg, Head of Customer Consulting, Smarketer

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